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BR* Felina Folia Moulin Rouge

(BR) FFB LO-036062

Macho:  FECHA DE NACIMIENTO 11/03/14

Black Tortie Mackerel whit white

MCO f 09 23



CH Super Partes Iuxta Fontem* IT

MCO ds 11

Red Silver Shaded

FFB LO 035497


BR* Ravagnani Agnes 2nd

MCO f 09 23

Black Tortie Mackerel whit white

FFB LO 031825


Obelus Parva Della Tribu Del Deserto*IT

MCO w 63

White odd eyed

IT ANFI LO 92576


CH Opella Parva Della Tribu Del Deserto*IT

MCO ds 23

Red Silver Mackerel

IT ANFI LO 94556

DE*TipsNTails Escobar

MCO d 03 22

Red Blotched Bicolor

BR FFB LO 027528

BR* Katzecoon Tiffany

MCO w 63

White odd Eyed

BR FFB LO 027531


DK*Olmocabe's Alastor, JW

MCO w 63

White odd eyed

LOI 88520

Nepsis Della Tribu Del Deserto *IT

MCO n 09 22

IT ANFI LO 88297

Chiricahua Des Shags of Saskatoon * FR

MCO ds23

IT ANFI LO 92402

IT* SuperNova Miss Costa Rica

MCO f 09 23

IT ANFI LO 85742


RW, SGC US* Mainette Double Dating Dylan

MCO n 03 22

TICA SBT 031406011

DE*TipsNTails Angels kiss

MCO a 22

TCC ZBT MC 140107005

Ozzy of Kudos*BR

MCO a 22

BR FFB LO 024460

PT*Lusocats Eternity White

MCO w 62

BR FFB LO 026323


DK*Olmocabe's Morpheus

MCO w 62


DK*LoceHulen's Simply The Best

MCO f22

DE*Langstteich's Garry cooper

MCO n 09 22

DE*Justcoons Amazing Grace

MCO n 09 22

V.I.P Des Shags of Saskatoon*FR

MCO ns 23


US*Willowplace wildflower

MCO f 22

DK*Olmocabe's Selius

MCO n03 22

DK* Sebasco's Nova Scotia

MCO f23


US*Oldestage Dog Holiday of Mainette

MCO n 03 22


US* Minette Full Force Gale

MCO ns 22

DE*Penogacats Kingsize

MCO 09 22


DE* SevenWondera Queen Latifa

MCO f 03 22


Kevin Sky of Kudos * BR

MCO n 22


DE*TipsNTails Morning Sun

MCO f 09 22

DE* Battke Creek's M'the Great Catsby

MCO n22


ES* Omkara Galadriel

MCO W 62

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